The NOLA Tree’s day-to-day operations will be run by Ana Galan, Judith Bowens and Alvaro Galan.  One of the founders of The NOLA Tree,  Ana Galan, will serve as the organization’s Executive Director.  Judith Bowens will serve as Treasurer, and Alvaro Galan will serve as Secretary of the Board.


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     Ana was born in Oviedo, Spain, on September 3, 1964.  When she was three, her family moved to Madrid, where she was raised along with her two older brothers and younger sister.

     Ever since Ana was very young, she wanted to be a veterinarian.  Her oldest brother and Ana spent hours and hours talking about becoming vets and discussing the kind of clinic they would eventually have.
When it was time to go to college, Ana had to pursue her dream. In 1987, she earned the degree of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After working as a veterinarian in Madrid for two years, she came to the United States for a 6-month post-graduate course at the Animal Medical Center, the world-renowned animal hospital in the heart of New York City.

     While in New York, she met Juan, the wonderful person who later became her husband, and she decided not to return to Spain. At least not then!

     In 1990, Ana went to work for Cornell University as a surgeon on a research team.  Two years later, after her first son was born, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. However, Ana quickly realized that she needed to find other interests, and that’s when she embarked on another career -- working on translations and children’s books.

     Ana returned to work full time in 1999, and for the next ten years, she worked at Scholastic Inc., one of the most highly regarded children’s book publishing companies.  At Scholastic, Ana became the editorial director of Spanish book publishing.  During her tenure, she edited over four hundred books, most of them in Spanish. In addition, she published many bilingual books.

     During this same period, Ana wrote several children’s books, published by Kumquat Ediciones (No Is No Si is Yes, Un ABC animal, Hilario el Veterinario, La Bruja Maruja). She also co-wrote Billy Bully (Scholastic, July 2009) with her son, Alvaro, and most recently, she published the first title on a new line of books for adults: Cómo ahorrar sin perder la cabeza (How to Save without Losing Your Mind), published by Everest.

    In 2008, it was time for another big change in Ana’s life.  She decided to work on her own, and dedicate all of her energy to doing what she loves most: writing books for children and adults, raising a guiding eyes puppy for the blind, and organizing student volunteer trips to New Orleans.  It was during these service trips, by working hand-in-hand with groups of incredible young adults, where she learned that if we want our world to change, we need to be the change.

    Ana lives in Westchester, New York, with her husband and their three teenage children.


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