The NOLA Tree (http://www.theNOLAtree.org) is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates teen volunteer programs in New Orleans and around the nation.  Our volunteer efforts and initiatives provide other groups and non-profit organizations – which share our vision of community and equality – with the hands-on assistance required to help those most in-need.  We foster an inclusive, educational, and social atmosphere in which young people are able to connect with others.  We place an added emphasis on bringing individuals from low-income households into this positive environment.  We challenge our volunteers to think freely, problem-solve, and develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the world so that they will have the tools to be the leaders of tomorrow.


    The NOLA Tree aims to bring young volunteers together in order to aid in a variety of community development work.  

    Through our labor-intensive programs, our volunteers collectively learn about the hard work involved in assisting those in need.  At the same time, our volunteers learn about the communities they're serving, as well as about their own role in this particular volunteer effort.

     The NOLA Tree places a strong emphasis on education.  By connecting our volunteers with others, we strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment in which our volunteers are clearly able to delineate the intrinsic value and benefits of their efforts.  In turn, it is our hope that participants in The NOLA Tree will recognize the importance of a life-long commitment to service.

     As a result of their transformative experience, our young volunteers will be outfitted with a fresh lens through which to view the world.  With heightened perspective and greater insight on human interactions, our participants will grow and mature into well-rounded and open-minded individuals.  Inherent in The NOLA Tree’s vision is the strongly held belief that our volunteers will be the leaders and role models of the next generation.  

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”