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The NOLA Tree would like to thank the generous individuals who help make our volunteer programs possible. Below please find a list of individuals who have given to The NOLA Tree since January 1st, 2010. New donors will be updated quarterly.


$2500 - $4999

The Von Damm Foundation

$1000 - $2499

Jeffrey Silverman

Ian Sterling

 $500 - $999

Steven Gershowitz

Michael Horgan

Lucille L Lebowitz

Anna and Jason Rekate

$100 - $499

Andrew Alexander

Jorge Alpuente

Tracey and Andy Appelbaum

Jami and Matt Axelrod

Jeffrey Berman

Brenda Bowen

Marlene Carvajal

Alejandro Carballo

Convergent Consulting

Susan Costa

Mark B. Daley

Rebecca Davis

Niky Fabiancic

Paul Frankel

Evan Groll

Tessa Gude

Jessica Handelman

Amy Hecht

Cheryl Huron

Emily Kennedy

Ivy Sara Mathew

Bharathi Panicker

Thampil Pankaj

Gary F. Pironto

Emilie and Dominic Schmitt

Sharon Stott

Christine Suarez

Joseph Torczon

Patrick and Nancy Torczon

R. Torre

Daniel Volpano

Harry Wall

Emily Wenzel


$1 - $99

Stephanie Anderson

Andrew S Bauman

Charlotte Moore Bishop

Dorothy Bondi

Dorina S. Blythe

Susan Caporal

Edward S Carr

Thomas Chesson

Saul Cohen

Caring Connections

Julie DeFelis

Frances Desalvo

Michael Devore

Kim and Robert Doremus

Debbie and Kevin Dyson

Karen Evers

Marilyn Fabbri

Paul B. Fields

Rose M Foley

Adm. Michael Forrest

Judith Garcia

Michael P. Garry

Rucgard Gerszberg

Arthur J. and Gloria Y. Godsell

Godsell Construction Corp.

Robert G. Goode

Veronica Guerrero

Aharon Hadida

Eileen Harring

Wallace D Hayes

Liza H. Hecht

S.W. Hecht

Jake Feinman

Lisa Flynn

John E. Forsyth

Linda Kane

Jeff Kaufman

Vijaya Kesenakurthy

Ravi Khanna

Fred Kraybil

John Kraybil

Rose Kraybil

Joseph C. Kuruppanattu

Andrew Lachow

Patricia Legg

Terri Lituchy

Robert Nabholz

Douglas Neal

 Daniel Nienhauser

Shailaja Panicker

Arun Pankaj

Frank Pironto

Jessica Ramirez

Larry Reibstein

Thomas Reilly

Dean Rinaldi

Ilene A. Rome

Adam Rothberg

Irving Rothberg

Robert Rothman

Ana Sabater

Laura Salmon

Cynthia Scafidi

Danielle I. Schanz

Leanora Simmons

Lisa Simmons

Michael Slotnik

Martha E. Solinger

Mark E. Stephanz

Sharon Stott

Liza Strauss

Anjali Swienton

Karen Uddyback-Proctor

Philips Vembenil

 Wayne Wasmus

Kristin Winbigler

Liz Wolfsberg

Kent A. Yalowitz

Fionna Yue

Thank You!

The NOLA Tree needs to thank the law firm of Morgan, Lewis & Bochius.  Attorneys Amanda Smith, Shawmir Naeem, John Vassos, Tim Harrington, Oren Langer, Denis Segota, Christine Zoino have provided us with incredible support and counsel.  What started out as a dream a few short months ago is now a fully functioning non-profit organization incorporated in the state of New York.  The NOLA Tree would not exist without you.

The NOLA Tree would like to thank our former fiscal sponsor, FJC, A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds.  Without their support and backing, we would not be where we are today.  Specifically, The NOLA Tree needs to extend a special thanks to Amanda Huckabee Ferlazzo, the Program Coordinator at FJC.  At every step in the process, Amanda was patient, hands-on, and instructive.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found Amanda, who more than anyone else, helped guide us through the process of becoming an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

The NOLA Tree wishes to extend a special thanks to Matthew Dapolito of the accounting firm of Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly LLP.  Helping us to navigate the world of non-profit tax law, Matt has provided us with invaluable direction and professional guidance.

Special Thanks!

Liza Joely-Strauss, a volunteer for The NOLA Tree, deserves special recognition.  Fundraising for the Spring 2010 Program, Liza raised enough money to help sponsor three other volunteers.  Congratulations and thank you!